Dangerous Games Book 1 Is Done!

I just wrote “The End” on the first book in the Dangerous Games trilogy, killing off my NaNoWriMo goal of 50,000 words in a total of 16 days. On this, the final day, I cracked 5,600 words for a grand total of 52,252 in the book.

That’s not as fast as I was hoping for, but I’m still pushing to get a second novel done this month — right after I write my 12th issue of the Magic: The Gathering comic. If I’m lucky I’ll wedge a Thanksgiving celebration in there somewhere too.

I’ll be packing this up into a PDF and sending it out to my higher-level backers tomorrow. A couple weeks after that, I’ll offer it up to the other backers who have it coming, as a way of saying thanks for their patience.