12 for ’12 for Sale at Robot Trading Company

Part of my plan for 12 for ’12 isn’t just to write a dozen books in a year. It’s to be able to produce and sell them forever after that. As the first step in that, I’ve gotten the Brave New World trilogy out the door and placed it with as many different decent online retailers as will have it. You can now buy the ebooks from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Drive Thru Fiction, iBooks (except for Revolution for some reason — I’m checking on that), Smashwords, and the Sony Bookstore, and you can grab printed editions through Drive Thru Fiction and Amazon too.

I also placed the books with the Robot Trading Company, the retail sales division of Angry Robot, the company that publishes my Amortals, Vegas Knights, and Carpathia, among many other excellent titles. This is a special set-up for me, as I enjoy working with the Angry Robot crew, and I’m happy to be able to do so again, even with books that I’m publishing myself.

They announced the deal on their site, and they also posted an article I wrote for them, introducing myself as a publisher and explaining what I’m doing. Many thanks to Darren Turpin, who helped with the legwork to set all this up, and to Marc Gascoigne and Lee Harris and the rest of the Angry Robot crew for continuing to be some of the greatest partners in publishing.