Five Hours Left! Stretch Goals Lowered!

It struck me that every time I’ve run one of the 12 for ’12 Kickstarters, I’ve lowered the stretch goals on the last day. Although we seem like we’re cooking along here with the Monster Academy drive, I’d like to maintain that tradition.

I’m pretty sure we’ll hit the $15k stretch goal, as we’re less than $100 $30(!) away from that now. That will unlock free Monster Academy rulers/bookmarks for all backers getting a printed Monster Academy book.

I’m going to lower the threshold for the free 12 for ’12 bookmarks to 365 backers. That’s one backer for every day of the year, which somehow seems fitting. That’s only 23 22 more backers than we have now, which I think we can break.

I’m also going to lower the threshold for the free copy of the ebook edition of the book I plan to write about 12 for ’12, which I’ll start writing after I finish all those novels. This will go out to all Monster Academy backers. The new level for that is $15,922. 

Why that odd number? Because that would bring the grand total of the 12 for ’12 Kickstarters to $60k. When I launched this plan back in November of last year, that’s the number I’d hoped to hit for all 12 books, and now that it’s within reach, I want to do everything I can to see it actually happen. And if we can manage that, I’ll toss in that 13th book to make it a full baker’s dozen for you.

We have just over five hours to go. Spread the word for this final push! And thanks so much for all your support!