Unlocking Stretch Goals = Great Deals

The Monster Academy drive is cooking along at a good speed. We smashed through the $12k stretch goal yesterday, and there’s an excellent chance we’ll unlock the $14k stretch goal soon. This makes the higher-level pledges look even more attractive. It works like this.

Right now (since we unlocked the 1st stretch goal), if you pledge $50, you get a hardcover copy of the first Monster Academy book, plus six ebooks (the Monster Academy trilogy, signed, and the Brave New World trilogy).

Once we crack $14k, if you pledge $75, you get a softcover copy of the Monster Academy omnibus and nine ebooks (the Monster Academy trilogy, signed, the Brave New World trilogy, and the Shotguns & Sorcery trilogy).

If we hit $15k, everyone at $35+ gets a Monster Academy ruler/bookmark too.

If we make it to $16k, a $100 pledge grabs a hardcover copy of the Monster Academyomnibus, plus a full dozen ebooks — every one of the 12 for ’12 novels. I hope you’ll agree that’s an amazing deal.

I’m pushing hard to make all this happen, but I could use your help. Spread the word far and wide in what little time we have left. At midnight tomorrow, the clock runs out.

Thanks for your support!