56 Hours to Go!

Earlier today, the Monster Academy Kickstarter cracked through the first stretch goal at $12,000! Thanks to Kent Wayson for knocking it over. We also broke 300 backers!

The drive comes to an end at midnight Eastern time on Sunday, September 16. As I write this, that means we only have 56 hours to go, maybe less by the time you read this. We’re heading into the final push.

That leaves us two remaining Respect the Streak stretch goals at $14k and $16k, which bring free ebooks to backers at the higher levels. There’s a good chance we’ll be able to crack those, and to reflect that, I’ve added a $75 level so that people who want to get in on the second stretch goal can bump their orders up to that.

Don’t forget, if you want printed books from the previous trilogies, you can add those onto your pledge now. All those dollars count toward breaking stretch goals here too.

Now hold on to your seats. I have a slew of new announcements for you.


First up, I have a new add-on that many of my staunchest backers have been requesting: a handmade slipcase designed to hold all four 12 for ’12 omnibuses! Since they’re being fashioned individually, they can be made to fit the hardcovers or the softcovers as a set.

I’m working with brilliant bookhacker Sara Hindmarch (wife of my pal Will Hindmarch and a wonderful creator in her own right) to get these done. At the moment, I’m thinking of having them covered in black cloth with the 12 for ’12 logo splashed on the sides. If you have other suggestions, I’m open to them though.

Because these are handmade in a small lot, they are not cheap. The add-on cost is $75 for US orders. Add $10 for shipments to Canada and Mexico, or $15 for orders outside the US. That covers the slipcase, shipping, and the cut that Kickstarter takes, but not much more. Depending on how it shakes out, I might make or lose $5 per slipcase. This is not a profit center for me but a way to say thanks to my most loyal backers. I don’t expect to sell a lot of these treasures, but I know they’ll be given excellent homes.


Now, for stretch goals! If we hit $15k, I’ll produce a Monster Academy bookmark made to resemble a six-inch ruler from the Royal Academy of Habilitation. That will go out to all backers who order a printed Monster Academy book, and I’ll slip it in with your book when I send it to you.

If we crack 400 backers, I’ll produce a 12 for ’12 bookmark with the covers for all 12 books on it too. Again, this will go out all backers who order a printed Monster Academy book.

Plus a New Book!

Now for the big one. As well as the 12 for ’12 plan has gone, I just have to sit down and write about it, if only so that I have a place to point people who ask me about it. I plan on running a separate Kickstarter for it next year, after I’ve completed the 12 for ’12 project. However, if we hit $20k with this drive, I’ll send the ebook edition out to every backer for free as soon as it’s ready.

As part of this, I’ll list everyone who’s backed all four drives — a.k.a. the 12 for ’12 Hall of Fame — in the back of that book too.

Now, $20k is a looong way from where we stand now. I don’t know if we can hit it or not. If we do, I’ll be dancing-at-my-desk thrilled, and we’ll have ebooks for everyone. If not, well, you’ll all have a chance to get it next year instead. Sound good?

Once again, my deepest gratitude goes out to you all for your support. I could never have done any of this without your help, and I truly appreciate it. We still have 58 hours to go, so keep spreading the word, and don’t hesitate to get your pledge in — or up it if you like the new goals and add-ons.