12 for ’12 Add-Ons for Monster Academy Backers

The Monster Academy Kickstarter broke its funding goal late Friday night! That means every 12 for ’12 Kickstarter succeeded — four in a row. Thanks to all my backers on each one of my drives, including this one, for all your support!

One problem I’ve seen throughout the drives is that people who found out about the 12 for ’12 plan after the earlier drives ended wish they could have gotten in on the ground floor. I think I figured out a way to turn back the clock for them that still respects the support that so many fantastic people have given already.

During the remainder of the Monster Academy drive, backers can order printed books from the previous drives as add-ons to their pledges for this drive. These are the Kickstarter editions of the books, but they won’t be signed, and they won’t have the newcomers’ names in them as backers. That’s reserved for the people who backed the drives when they were live.

If you missed any of the drives, this is a great way to fill in the holes in your collection. See my latest Monster Academy update for details about our current add-on options and stretch goals. We only have six more days to go on this final drive, so get in on it while you still can. Thanks!