Monster Academy Gets an A — So Far

Well, the Monster Academy Kickstarter drive now stands at [checks again] 92%, so that’s at least in the A bracket, if I remember the grading criteria correctly from back when I was in school. Seeing as how we have 10 more days to go, I’ll call that a great grade — so far. It puts us less than [counts on fingers] $800 from getting funded.

I’m confident we can crush that target, although I’d really like to hit our stretch goals on top of that. If you have any ideas for new and exciting stretch goals, don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m noodling around a couple myself.

I spent last weekend at the World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago and had a wonderful time chatting with people, often about 12 for ’12. As you might imagine, lots of writers shake their heads at me when they hear about it. Or pat me on the shoulder with the kind of understanding nod you save for your crazy, old uncle.

Despite that — or maybe because of it — Monster Academy has gotten some good coverage over the past week. The folks at Zombie Orpheus, who are behind the Kickstarter for The Gamers: Hands of Fatelisted Monster Academy among their favorite projects. Over on Facebook, the team at Lone Shark Games did the same when they announced with projects they picked this month to back out of their Kickstarter fund.

(If you’re looking for fun Kickstarters, be sure to check out those posts, by the way. I’ve backed almost all of those projects myself.)

Meanwhile, the great guys at the Founding Fields interviewed me in depth about my process and my projects, including Monster Academy. I also took part in a couple other interviews, which should be posted soon, and next Tuesday, at 10:30 PM Central time, I’ll be a guest on Geekerati Radio with Christian Lindke. (It was supposed to be last night, but the Blog Talk Radio platform fell out from underneath us.)

Speaking of which, Christian just launched a Kickstarter of his own for Cthulhu Claus Greeting Cards by Jody Lindke and my pal Ken Hite. As he intimates in the write-up, I’ve agreed to help him out with one of his stretch goals, which would include some original artwork related to Monster Academy. That’s a ways off from happening right now, but go on over and give the cards a look.

As I write this, we only have 10 days to go on this final 12 for ’12 drive, which means the clock’s ticking louder every minute. I’d love to end it strong. Please spread the word as best you can, and let me thank you for all your fantastic support!