More Monster Academy Press

The promotions for Monster Academy (my latest Kickstarter, for a trilogy of YA fantasy novels) roll on.

First, Michael Harrison — who’s covered every one of my Kickstarters for Wired’s Geek Dad blog — completes the circuit with an excellent article about the Monster Academy drive. The funniest part of the whole article, though, is a note from one of our intrepid editors:

[Editor’s note: Matt Forbeck is a Contributor to GeekDad. But we’d write about this anyway, because he’s nuts.]

Second, I had a great chat with Richard Bliss of Funding the Dream, a podcast about running a Kickstarter. I was Richard’s guest way back on his second-ever show, and he’s already up to Episode 76. That’s one busy podcaster! Richard pointed out that if this drive goes well, my Kickstarter backers will have given me north of $60k this year, which is enough for many people to live on, even with five kids to feed. That made me grin. Thanks again, my backers!

Third, Dan Davenport invited me to join an IRC chat he hosts regularly on the #rpgnet channel. We had a good number of people show up, and several excellent questions thrown out for me to juggle. If you missed the fun, you can still read the transcript in full.

We’re down to just 18 days until the campaign ends, so please help spread the word. Thanks for all your support!