The Gamers Film Kickstarter Rolls On

As I mentioned last month, my pals over at Zombie Orpheus and Dead Gentlemen launched a Kickstarter for The Gamers: Hands of Fate, the third in their hilarious series of The Gamers movies. As a part of that, we’re integrating Hands of Fate and my upcoming Dangerous Games trilogy of novels together. There’s this character — Leo, who appeared in the second film — that wanders in and out of the movie at certain points. For fun, he’s going to wander into my books and then back onscreen.

I had a chance to chat with Matt Vancil and Ben Dobyns at Gen Con last week, and I suggested a couple of interstitial scenes for Leo to help frame the crossover. They managed to get them filmed the next day on a tight schedule, which impressed me to no end.

So, the Kickstarter drive is going along well. They’ve already raised more than $230,000! This still puts them a bit shy of their ambitious $320,000 goal, but they still have 12 days left in their campaign. With a big push coming up next weekend at both PAX and Dragon*Con, I have little doubt they’ll make it. Do yourself a favor and head on over to the Kickstarter page to get in on the fun before time runs out.