My WorldCon Schedule

I’m going to be attending the World Science Fiction Convention this year for the first time. That’s mostly because it’s a traveling show and the host convention this year is Chicon 7, which puts the show in Chicago, within spitting distance of my home. Being able to run down there, crash at Ken Hite’s place, and meet so many fans and friends — including a slew of Angry Robot authors, editors, and staff — proved too tempting to resist.

Unlike at Gen Con, at which I’m woven into the convention’s fabric by means of time and affection, I’m a complete noob at WorldCon. Despite that, I’ve managed to wiggle my way onto a pair of panels, at which it’ll be easiest to find me.

Thursday, August 30, 6 PM:  “To Indie or Not to Indie.” This is something I know a bit about, and I’m eager to hear what the other panelists have to say, especially since I don’t know any of them. Columbus CD : Gold East

Saturday, September 1, 10:30 AM: “Media Tie-in Novels: Art or Commerce?” This one’s exciting in that it’s going to be video linked with a simultaneous panel at Dragon*Con. My fellow panelists in Chicago are my friends Tom Dowd and Richard Lee Byers, plus Joe Haldeman, who’s been one of my writing heroes ever since he spoke to a Science Fiction class I took at the University of Michigan. The Atlanta team consists of my pal Mike Stackpole and a couple guys named Peter David and David Gerrold. That’s some serious SF firepower there.

Sharp-eyed attendees might notice I’m listed as being on the “Marvel Comics: Superheroes from the ’60s” panel on Friday night as well. Unfortunately, I have a conflict with the time slot and have had to excuse myself from it, so don’t look for me there.

I suspect I’ll also be at the Hugo Awards on Sunday night, wearing my Geek Dad press badge. Unless, of course, my compatriots find a better way to lead me astray.

Otherwise, you can find me wandering around the convention, catching up with friends, and taking a much easier time of it than I did at Gen Con. If you want to reach me there, ping me on Twitter (@mforbeck), and if you spot me wandering about, be sure to say hi.