The Monster Academy Kickstarter Is On!

Today, at noon Eastern Time, I launched the fourth of my 12 for ’12 Kickstarters. This one’s for a trilogy of novels called Monster Academy,  a series of books set in the epic fantasy equivalent of a juvenile detention hall for young monsters. This drive runs to September 16, but get your pledges in early, if only for the sake of my nerves. Remember, no one gets charged until the drive is over, and only then if the drive succeeds.

You can find out all about the Monster Academy drive over at Kickstarter. For a quick preview, I try to sum it all up for you in the video below. Don’t be shy about telling your friends and neighbors in whatever medium you prefer: Twitter, Google+, Facebook, face-to-face, or even a kindly worded persuasive essay mailed to them in a scented envelope. Thanks for all your support in whatever way you give it!