My Gen Con 2012 Schedule

Gen Con — the best four days in gaming — starts next week, and I can’t wait. I’m an Industry Insider Guest of Honor once again (for the tenth time running, I think). I’m going to be zipping around all over the place, and I’m always happy to chat with fans, gamers, and readers of all stripes. Here’s where you can find me if you’re looking for me.


I arrive on Wednesday, and I host the Diana Jones Award ceremony and party that evening, starting at 9 PM. If you’re a gaming industry professional, you’re more than welcome to join us. Drop me a line, and I’ll get you the details.


11 AM. Games and Novels: Dennis Detwiller, Susan Morris, James Wyatt, and I chat about how novels and games work together and how they don’t. ICC Room 211.

12 PM. Well Said: Donald J. Bingle, Maurice Broaddus, George Strayton, and I discuss how to use sharp dialog in fiction. ICC Room 244. 

3 PM. Advanced Plotting WorkshopJohn Helfers, Robin Laws, and I work out how to break down your plots and make them sing. ICC Room 245. 

6 PM. Kickstarting Your Game: Dennis Detwiller, TS Luikart, Elizabeth Shoemaker, Gareth-Michael Skarka, and I talk about how to run a Kickstarter drive. ICC Room 210. 


11 AM. 12 for ’12: Writing a Dozen Novels in a YearI fly solo on this one, for reasons you might suspect. ICC Room 210. 

2 PM. Freelancing in the Games Industry: Steve Kenson, Ryan Macklin, Gareth-Michael Skarka, Christina Stiles, and I explain how to work as a freelancer in the gaming industry. ICC Room 210. 

5 PM. InSpectres Test ScreeningJoin the Reactor 88 Studios crew for a test screening of their film based on the InSpectres RPG by Jared Sorensen. I co-wrote the screenplay for this and appear as a zombie too. Westin : Capitol I. 

6:30 PM. ENnies Cocktail Reception: I’ll be hanging out with my Dream Date winner Ben McFarland. Unfortunately, I won’t be at the ceremony itself because it runs straight through my next event. Union Station Grand Hall. 

9 PM. Reactor 88 Afterparty: This has become a great new tradition over the past few years. DJ M4C3L0 spins tunes until midnight, when Matt Raven takes over. It’s at a new location this year, Tiki Bob’s, across the street from the old place. It’s open to one and all (21 and up, dress code). Tiki Bob’s.


12 PM. Going It AloneRichard Lee Byers and I talk about how to self-publish your novels. ICC Room 244.

1 PM. Passing the Torch: Dave Gross, John Helfers, Brandon Sanderson, and I talk about taking over existing properties and writing in another author’s voice. ICC Room 244.

2 PM. Author’s Avenue Signing: If you want to find me expressly to sign things, here’s your chance. I’ll be hanging out with John Helfers, and we’ll likely be lonely, so come on by. Bring drinks!

4 PM. Reading: Erik Scott de Bie and I tag-team on readings in this slot. I’ll probably read from one of my 12 for ’12 books — out loud, even! Hell, maybe I’ll bring one of my Magic: The Gathering comics and read it with different voices for all the characters. Who knows? I’m sure to be punchy by then. ICC Room 244.


Sunday’s just for me and my family. If you see me wandering around, though, don’t hesitate to say hi.

Update! The fine folks at Stone Skin Press have set up a signing of The New Hero 2 at the Pelgrane Press booth, at 11 AM on Sunday. I’m planning to be there for at least a bit at the start, providing my kids are up for it.