More Kickstarter Stuff

Two more cool projects to add to the Kickstarter pile from earlier today.

My fellow Alliterate Steve Sullivan just launched a drive for his Tournament of Death 1 & 2 writing stunt. He’s setting up a live-writing event that pits fantasy characters against each other to coincide with the Olympics. He pulled it off in 2008, and he’s reprising it this summer too. He wants to start at the same time as the big games, so this is a short one, only 14 days in the whole drive.

My pal Greg Stolze is running Transmit and Other Stories, the latest in his Kickstarters that combine it with his ransom model. (Once he gets the money, he releases the story to everyone for free.) He’s already cracked open “Transmit,” and now he’s pushing for the other stories. Read some of his other work, and if you like it, give him a boost.