New Dangerous Games Stretch Goal!

All right, I give up. I just can’t stop thinking about new stretch goals for the Dangerous Games Kickstarter. I finally figured out one that I thought would be both cool and fun. At $16k, I’ll produce a Dangerous Games playset for Fiasco!

For those that don’t know, Fiasco is Jason Morningstar’s excellent tabletop storytelling game of people with “powerful ambition and poor impulse control.” It’s so good that it won the Diana Jones Award last year (Jason’s second!), and Jason and his friends and fans have done a great job supporting the game with free playsets, short bits that allow you to play the game in different settings and eras.

Since I made my living exclusively as a game designer for many years, it only seemed natural to come up with a game or supplement for the books, and Fiasco fits the bill like a custom dice bag. Jason kindly offered to help me out with it as best our mutual schedules permit, and that sealed it for me.

I haven’t done much tabletop design over the past couple years, so this will be a fun chance to get back to my roots and support the books at the same time. Plus, the fact that Fiasco playsets tend to be short (about 12 pages) means this won’t cut murderously into my 12 for ’12 time.

So, if we reach $16k by the end of the drive — which is Sunday evening, only two days away! — I will produce a Dangerous Games playset for Fiasco. As is the tradition with Fiasco playsets, I’ll release it to the public as a free PDF, but I’ll send it to every one of my backers first! I’ll also slip it into the back of the omnibus print editions at no charge.

If you don’t have Fiasco, I urge you to check it out. It’s only $12 for the PDF, and you can get it bundled with the printed book for only $25. While you’re at it, check out Jason’s own Kickstarter for Durancea new game in the Fiascovein.

Why am I shooting for $16k? Well, it seems natural after having the last two stretch goals at $12k and $14k. Also, if we break $16k, that would make this the #8 project on the all-time bestselling fiction list on Kickstarter. And that would be something we could all crow about.