Marvelous News

I’m now cleared to report that I spent some time last year writing for the Marvel Heroes MMO! Many thanks to Andy Collins who assembled the team, which included Monte Cook,Mike SelinkerWill McDermottLogan BonnerAri MarmellStan!, and Brian Michael Bendis, who — along with Andy — tackled the bulk of the work, including most of the stories in the game. I wrote much of the dialog for Captain America, Iron Man, and Ms. Marvel, among the announced characters, and I had an absolute ball.

Writing is usually one of the earlier steps in making a game, and this was no exception. I wrapped my work on this months ago, giving the rest of the team time to record the voices, insert them into the game, set up the code for them, and so on. I haven’t played the game yet, but from what I’ve seen, it looks fantastic.