Magic #4 on Sale Today!

Magic: The Gathering #4 — the final issue for the first miniseries I wrote based on the hit CCG — hits shelves today. Dack finally gets to have it out with his nemesis Sifa Grent, with the fate of an entire town in the balance. You can read a free preview of the issue over at MTV Geek, and you can check out a review of the issue by Stefan over at Civilian Reader too. As he says: “Ultimately, this is a great, fun sword-and-sorcery-with-thieving fantasy comic, and I really look forward to reading more in the series.”

You can also read an interview with me about the comics over at Brendan Weiskotten asked me all sorts of questions about how I got the gig, what it’s like to work with Wizards and IDW, and how I keep Magic‘s long backstory straight. It’s good stuff.

Don’t forget, though, that the fun doesn’t end with the first miniseries. IDW already announced the second Magic miniseries a while back, called Spell Thief. As a preview, here’s a look at the cover of issue #4 of that series, solicited for August. My old friend Alex Horley provides the stunning artwork, which features a demon-dragon longtime Magic players may recognize.