Launches and Other Things

It’s been a crazy week. I launched the Dangerous Games drive on Wednesday, and it’s already up over $5k, which is the best start yet, by far. Thanks to everyone that’s pitched in over there! The rest of us have until June 17, Father’s Day, but please don’t put it off until the last second. My poor heart can’t take it. 🙂

Meanwhile, I’ve been sending out the hardcopies of Brave New World: Revolution to the people who backed at the $35 and $50 levels. I still have a few folks who haven’t responded to the survey yet, so if you’re expecting to get one of these and didn’t get a survey from Kickstater, don’t be shy. Check your spam filter, or drop me a line at [email protected]

In other news, Brave New World: Revolution hit the #1 spot the day after the ebook debuted! It’s since slipped to #2 and been hovering there all week, right behind Don’t Read This Book, an anthology by Chuck Wendig, in which I have a story. I’m just thrilled to see it rocket so high. Many thanks to everyone who’s bought it.

If you enjoyed Brave New World: Revolution, I’d appreciate if if you could take the time to tell people about it. The best way is often through online reviews. The ebook is now for sale through most major retailers, so if you frequent one of these places, stop by and tell the folks there how much you liked the book. It’s also up at GoodReads — thanks to some help from Abhinav Jain — so you can leave a rating or review there too.

Thanks again for all your support! It’s both humbling and thrilling at the same time, and I truly do appreciate it.