Gen Con Industry Guests Announced

Last night, Gen Con announced this year’s slate of Industry Insider Guests of Honor. It includes an all-star list of talent:  Tavis Allison, Steve Kenson, Mark Rein-Hagen, Wolfgang Baur, T.S. Luikart, Elizabeth Shoemaker-Sampat, Stan!, Michelle Lyons, Gareth-Michael Skarka, Dennis Detwiller, Ryan Macklin, Christina Stiles, James Ernest, Dominic McDowall-Thomas, George Strayton, Jason Morningstar, Richard Thomas, Jess Hartley, Susan Morris, Rodney Thompson, Kenneth Hite, James Wyatt, and me.

That’s a fantastic lineup by anyone’s standards — and in this case Ken Hite, Stan!, and I helped out with setting those standards in our roles as members of the Industry Advisory Panel. While this is the largest slate of Guests of Honor ever for the show, we still had a hard time narrowing down the applicants. Any one of them would have been an excellent addition, and I hope those who didn’t make the slate this year submit their names next year as well.

This makes 2012 my tenth year running as a guest of honor at Gen Con. It’s always been my favorite time of year, and the honor tickles me every time. Come on down and join us in Indianapolis this August 16–19 if you can!