Global Domination

I built my career as a game designer before I became a novelist, and I still get back to it from time to time, although maybe not as often as I would like. I’m fortunate enough to have friends that tap me on the shoulder every now and then though and drag me back into gaming, even just for a bit.

Case in point: Dan Verssen asked me to write the flavor text for his upcoming deckbuilding game Global Domination. It’s set in a dark, war-torn future in which the players take the part of various factions struggling to take over the world. It’s good, meaty fun.

The game’s still in development at the moment, although Dan’s starting to rack up pre-orders in preparation for the first press run. You can see a rough draft of the rulebook (which features the fiction snippets I wrote) at Dan’s site. Be sure to check it out.