Carpathia’s Centennial

The Titanic went down in the North Atlantic 100 years ago yesterday, something I’ve thought about for a long while. As you know, my latest novel, Carpathia, is set on both the RMS Titanic and the RMS Carpathia itself (the ship that picked up the disaster’s survivors), and I’ve done a ton of research about the disaster, trying to figure out what it must have been like to have been aboard that ship in that time.

Despite the fact that the timing of Carpathia‘s release was set to coincide with the tragedy’s centennial, I didn’t much feel like pimping the book at the exact moment of that anniversary. The novel’s meant to be a fun, scary, thrilling tale set against the backdrop of one of the most dramatic moments in naval history, but at that point that moment seemed better set aside to remember the horrors those real people faced and to which many of them lost their lives.

Of course, now that the real-life RMS Carpathia is steaming back toward New York, go grab yourself a copy of the book. If you’re a Kindle reader, Amazon has the ebook on sale for only $3.03 for some unfathomable reason. I’m told it’s also on the front table in Barnes & Noble stores across the nation, and you should be able to find it at just about any reasonable book retailer.

(Speaking of which, I’d not thought to check this before now, but you can even pick up Carpathia through Target and Wal-Mart. How wild is that?)