Two New Covers

I have a pair of beautiful but very different covers to show to you today. The first is for Don’t Read This Book, a new anthology of short stories based upon Fred Hicks’s Don’t Rest Your Head RPG. Chuck Wendig put the whole thing together, and he lined up some fantastic talent to bring it to life, including Stephen Blackmoore, Harry Connolly, Rich Dansky, Laura Anne Gilman, Will Hindmarch, Mur Lafferty, Robin D. Laws, Ryan Macklin, C. E. Murphy, Josh Roby, Greg Stolze, and Monica Valentinelli, as well as me.

My story for this one’s a bit of a departure for me. I usually like to write about heroes, people who suck it up and do what they have to, despite the odds stacked against them. The main character in this tale’s a bit weaker than that, and because of that the ending sucker punched me good. Here’s hoping it does the same to you.

The second cover is for Magic: The Gathering: The Spell Thief #2. This features the main villain from the first miniseries, Sifa Grent. Artist Dan Scott does a great job with Martin Cóccolo’s design, making her look both sinister and powerful.

This tale continues our hero Dack Fayden’s hunt for Sifa. It takes him through many planes and reveals a good deal of the history behind both him and Sifa and what’s drawn them together into their fatal dance.

I can’t wait for you to read both stories, as different as they are.