3 for 3 (for ’12) So Far!

On Saturday night, I wrapped up the first draft of the third book of the 12 for ’12 project: Brave New World: Resolution. That makes three novels written for three months in a row, which makes me happier than I can probably say. First drafts have already gone out to early readers and high-level Kickstarter backers, and I’m now returning to Book 1 to revise it and get it ready to go out the door.

To highlight this, I wrote a guest post for Suvudu on Saturday morning. It’s a primer for those who don’t know much about the project yet, of course.

While I get Book 1 out the door, I’m also outlining Books 4, 5, and 6. Since I have to start writing Book 4 straight away, these things can’t wait. In ways, this is a murderous schedule, but it also keeps me on track to get things done, and I like that. Once you read the books, I hope you will too.