Magic Comics Selling Well

On Friday, IDW sent out the press release that confirms what anyone who read Diamond’s Previews the previous week already knew. The first Magic: The Gathering comic book miniseries sold well, and we already have a second miniseries in the works. It’s called Magic: The Gathering: The Spell Thief, and it follows the continuing adventures of Dack Fayden, the hero from the first miniseries.

Best of all, we’re keeping the whole team together, so you’ll not only get my writing but also Martin Cóccolo’s fantastic artwork and J. Edwin Steven’s amazing colors. Many thanks to editor Carlos Guzman for doing such a great job with the series after Denton Tipton handed the reins over to him and John Barber. Getting a licensed book rolling means putting many moving parts in order, and he does a great job of it.

So, how well is the book doing? According to the latest estimates from, Magic: The Gathering #1 and #2 were IDW’s bestselling books in February. I call that a win.

Thanks to everyone who went out and bought the comic. Just wait until you see what we have brewing up for you next. For a sample, check out the snazzy cover art from The Spell Thief #1 by Christopher Moeller. (Believe it or not, the alternate cover he did for Magic #1 was the first comic cover he’s done since Lucifer, from DC/Vertigo.)