Book 2 Unlocked! Drive for Book 3 Ends Tonight!

Early this morning, we unlocked Book 2 in the Shotguns & Sorcery trilogy. Woo-hoot! Thanks to every one of the backers for making that happen. It’s been a wild ride to this point, and it’s all down to them.

From here, it’s a flat-out sprint for Book 3, as the drive ends tonight at just before midnight Central Time. Last night, I lowered the stretch goal for that from $12k to $10k, so it’s a much shorter distance to roll. At the moment, that’s only $1738 $1713 $1708 away and closing fast.

Spread the word far and wide! Michael Harrison helped out with that with an article this morning at’s Geek Dad blog. You may already know the details, of course, but it’s a great place to point your friends for a quick recap or to get a summary for yourself.

Only 12 hours left!