Six Days Left!

The second Kickstarter for my 12 for ’12 plan comes to a close this Sunday evening. That gives us only six days to raise the rest of the money needed to unlock the next two books in the Shotguns & Sorcery trilogy.

We shattered the goal for the first book in less than 32 hours. After that, the total climbed steadily for about a week. Then, like most Kickstarters, it leveled off. Now it’s started climbing back up again as people realize that time is running out.

We’re at over $5,300 at the moment, which puts us less than $2,700 from unlocking Book 2. I’m fairly confident we’ll manage that. The trick will be adding another $4,000 on top of that to unlock Book 3 too.

In the last Kickstarter, we managed to add on over $7,000 in the last week, and I’m hoping we can repeat that this time around. To do that, though, I’ll need your help.

First, tell people about the project. Twitter and Facebook are great venues. If you have a blog you can post on, better yet. If you’d like to interview me about the project, I’d love to help with that too.

If you have other ideas for promotion, don’t be shy about letting me know. I’m happy to do whatever I can to make this project a success.

Second, if you haven’t backed the Kickstarter project yet, please consider joining us! The project has gone fantastic so far. I wrapped the first drafts of both of the first two books on schedule, and I’m hoping to get the first book revised and into backers’ hands as soon as possible. With your help, this should prove to be one amazing year, and I’d love for you to be a part of it.

In any case, though, thanks to all of my backers for everything you’ve done so far. This literally would be impossible for me to pull off without you. I hope you’ll all stick around and keep tuned in for this final week. I’m thrilled to see how it all winds up!