Carpathia Out Everywhere Today

Carpathia, my latest novel from Angry Robot, came out in North America on Tuesday. Today it hits shelves in the rest of the world and is available as an ebook in all major formats worldwide. To mark the event, I’ve rounded up a number of the latest reviews and interviews about it.

At Falcata Times, Gareth Wilson loved the book and writes:

It’s gripping, exciting, and imaginative. It could make a great film, but it’s a great book anyway so read it, whether you like sci-fi or not.

Sean Young (a.k.a. Voxael) also enjoyed the book and says:

As with his previous novels, Matt brings his talent for creating great, relatable, characters and then building a compelling story around them (I finished reading Carpathia in three sittings, I couldn’t put it down).

Matt Staggs also asked me to tell him Five Things about Carpathia for As part of that, I mentioned:

1) I once designed a board game called Dracula’s Revenge — and also wrote a two-issue comic book miniseries for IDW based on it. (I’m also writing a Magic: The Gathering comic for IDW these days, which features vampires too.) The research for that fed directly into writing Carpathia.

Meanwhile, Jim Ryan interviewed me about Carpathia, 12 for ’12, the Magic: The Gathering comic and many other things.

Oh! And there’s this interview with Paul Simpson of Sci-Fi Bulletin about Carpathia too.

So, go grab yourself a copy of Carpathia. And let me know what you think. Thanks!