Meeting in the World of Warcraft

Next Thursday, March 1, I’m going to hold an author talk in the most unusual venue I’ve seen yet. I’m slated to speak with a group of librarians, using World of Warcraft as the medium. It starts at 4 PM Central Time on the Saurfang (Pacific) realm, in the Ironforge Library. You can find details and directions here.

Many thanks to my friend Liz Danforth, who suggested me for this, and to Ellen Forsyth, who set the whole thing up. I believe it’s open to the public, so if you play World of Warcraft and have time to stop on by, please do. I’d love to chat with you.

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  1. People who want to see you … or rather, your avatar/toon… should be careful about day and time. The event is run from Australia, and the Saurfang server is actually an *Oceanic* server. Your instructions of day and time are correct for those of us in the US, but it’s easy to get tangled up with the Intl Dateline and times if you aren’t watch closely!

    These events have been a blast, those that I’ve attended. I’m overjoyed you’ll be doing this. Look for me as Heimal… I definitely intend to be there.

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      Good point, Liz! It’s actually going to be March 3 in Australia. Those interested should check the link above for all the details.

      Looking forward to seeing you there!

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