More Carpathia Reviews

With the release of Carpathia only eight days off, more and more reviews for it have cropped up. Here’s a summary of those that I’ve seen over the past week or so.

At the Opinionator, David Marshall enjoyed the book. He writes:

Forbeck imparts a pleasingly relentless quality to the narrative as the humans slowly realise they may just have been demoted in the food chain… Carpathia is a stripped-down thrill ride as humans and vampires are set on a collision course thanks to the accident of an iceberg. It’s well worth picking up.

Meanwhile, at the Founding Fields, we have a double feature, with Bane of Kings and Djinn24 tag-teaming the book. Bane of Kings writes:

Carpathia is fantastic. A page-turner that will keep you hooked right the way through the novel. Not to be missed.

While Djinn24 says:

This book has it all, a touch of romance, horror, adventure with a bunch of vampires which equals one kick-ass page turning story.

Finally, at Love Vampires, there’s a lot of affection for Carpathia. The reviewer there writes:

Carpathia is fast-paced, easy reading and, whether you pity the vampires or not, there is plenty of dramatic entertainment and exciting action here