We Did It!

The Shotguns & Sorcery Kickstarter drive already smashed through its first goal of $3,000! Many thanks to all of the backers who chipped in to make that happen. We managed it in just under 32 hours, less than half as long as it took for the first 12 for ’12 Kickstarter drive.

So! This means I have another novel to write come April, the first in the Shotguns & Sorcery trilogy. WOOOOT!

Now, of course, just because we smashed through this first goal doesn’t mean we’re done. The drive still has another 25 days to go. If we hit a total of $8,000, that unlocks Book 2, and racking up $12,000 unlocks Book 3 as well.

That’s a long way past $3,000, of course, but I’m confident we can make that happen if we just stick to it. If you already joined the drive, don’t be shy about letting other people know about it. And if you haven’t, consider joining the rest of us for something truly fun.

My deepest gratitude once again to everyone who pitched in, either with a pledge or by helping get the word out — or both. I’m humbled to see so many great and generous people have my back and get behind this crazy project of mine. Thanks!