Goblintown Justice Out Now!

This morning, I published my first short story ebook, “Goblintown Justice.” This is also the first story for my Shotguns & Sorcery setting, and it first appeared in Carnage & Consequences, the Gen Con Writers Symposium anthology edited by Marc Tassin. (It’s actually the second story I wrote for it. The first will appear in Robin D. Laws’s anthology The New Hero 2, due out later this year.)

You can now get “Goblintown Justice” for free through DriveThruFiction (ePub and Kindle/Mobi) and Smashwords (just about every known format). (The DTF version is the prettier of the two, so grab that first if you want the ePub or Kindle versions. To get ebooks into so many formats — which is wonderful — Smashwords requires me to strip out the nicer formatting for its versions.)

The story also available for the Kindle for 99¢ through Amazon. (I’d have it there for free too, but Amazon doesn’t allow me to list it for less than 99¢.) It should be available for the Nook soon too, once Barnes & Noble approves it is out for the Nook for 99¢ now too, and Smashwords should hopefully have it for iBooks and other online stores within a few days.

Shotguns & Sorcery is, of course, the setting for my second trilogy of 12 for ’12 novels. I’m hoping to launch the Kickstarter for that set next week, so read, enjoy, and stay tuned!