Capricon Schedule

Next weekend, I’ll be in Wheeling, IL, for Capricon 32. It’s the first time I’ve been to the show, but I’ve heard excellent things about it. My schedule for the show is below. If you’re in the area, come on out and join us!

Saturday, February 11

1 – 1:30 PM: Reading Probably something from Carpathia

2:30 –4 PM: Autographing with Paul McComas

7 – 8:30 PM: Writing Is a Business
As aspiring writers enter the field, they will do almost anything to become published. This attitude often can lead to others taking advantage of their work. These professionals will share advice about agents, contracts, retirement, and…gulp…taxes.
Tim Akers (M)Richard ChwedykMatt ForbeckGene Wolfe

Sunday, February 12

10 – 11:30 AM: Take That, Gutenberg! New Publishing Models in the 21st Century
Clay tablets, roaming minstrels, mimeographs, Big Publishing Houses, corner bookstores, ePubs, self-publishing, and Kickstarter are just some examples of how we’ve financed and distributed stories over the years. How have stories gotten from the author to the reader, how is that model changing, and why? For whom is this a good change or a bad change? Why is how we get our books important?
Cory Doctorow (M)Matt ForbeckJohn KlimaLes McClaineJohn O’Neill

12 – 1:30 PM: Gaming Is Research for My Novel!
Who said gaming isn’t good for your writing? For these writers, role-playing games helped hone their skills as storytellers. How can role-playing help your writing? What are the pitfalls?
Matt ForbeckE.E. Knight (M)Jennifer LawrenceJohn O’Neill

1:30 – 3 PM: The Wide World of Comics Media
There are more ways to get a comic book or graphic novel these days besides picking one up at your local comic book store. Let’s look at the various delivery methods for comic books and graphic novels and how that changes their impact. We will look at this from the perspective of the reader, writer, and artist. Excelsior!
Matt ForbeckJavier Grillo-MarxuachBarry Lyn-Waitsman, Les McClaineBill Roper (M)