Marvel Heroic Roleplaying On Its Way

Last summer, I joined up with an all-star team of game designers to pitch in on the upcoming Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game coming out from Margaret Weis Productions. That made me part of the game’s Illuminati, along with Cam Banks, Rob Donoghue, Will Hindmarch, Philippe-Antoine Ménard, and Jesse Scoble.

Cam, who’s developing the game, has since run with it and drafted Jack Norris, Jesse Scoble (again!), Aaron Sullivan, and Chad Underkoffler (among others) in to handle the actual writing. The Basic Game is already off to press and should be in stores on February 28. (Coincidentally, that’s the same day my novel Carpathia is released. Going to be a busy day.)

MWP has been releasing previews of the game on its website. Go check them out and whet your appetite for what’s sure to be an amazing game.