Carpathia Reviews and Interviews

My historical horror novel Carpathia is due out at the end of the month. It hits most of the world on February 28, which is the release date for the ebook edition as well. The UK print edition reaches shelves a couple days later on March 1. There’s also an audiobook edition in the works for June 1.

Today, L. Dean Murphy interviewed me about the book for The Big Thrill, the International Thriller Writers’ webzine. In it, I chat a bit about how I work and one of the scenes in the book that stuck with me for weeks.

Last week, over at Libris Leonis, Daniel Franklin raved about Carpathia. Among many kind things, he wrote:

Carpathia doesn’t have the kind of emotionless hero who is simply brave, but nor does it have heroes who are terrified but act despite it without reason, instead being blessed by Forbeck with Lucy, Quin and Abe, a trio who are brave because it is what they feel they ought to be, or because of each other.  It’s a real strength of the novel, because it makes it much more plausible; these are characters who feel human and alive…

Intelligent, well-written and enjoyable fiction that doesn’t take itself too seriously without descending into farce. Carpathia is definitely a novel to watch out for.

Also, over at Terror Tree, Theresa Derwin gets a real charge out of the book. She writes:

Part historical drama, part romance, part adventure, Carpathia revamps (groan) the vampire genre and there are absolutely no sparkles in sight. Laced with wit, irony and gallows humour, this novel boasts a decent amount of blood and guts, a large dose of humour as mentioned and a dash of romance. The chapters are short and sweet aiding pace and the characters are well drawn.

To top it all off, as I wrote this post, Ranting Dragon released its list of its five most anticipated books of the month, and Carpathia made the cut! Its summary says:

When a novel is published by Angry Robot Books, you know you’re in for a weird and exhilarating ride. When that novel is written by Matt Forbeck, author of great novels like Vegas Knights and Amortals, you know it’s a must-read.

I can’t wait for the rest of you to read it. Less than four weeks to go!