New Reviews for Carpathia

Carpathia — my upcoming historical horror novel that mashes up vampires and the Titanic — picked up a hat trick of glowing reviews over the past week. The book won’t be out until the end of February, but these reviewers got their hands on advance reader copies, and I’m happy they did.

First, Nibbles at Fantasy Nibbles gives the book four out of five stars. Her harshest complaint is “It wasn’t long enough,” but she goes far beyond that, saying:

It’s no end of fun. Pure crucifix-wielding, stake-plunging goodness. With icebergs. Brilliant!

Second, Shadowhawk at Founding Fields raves over the book. As he says:

Verdict: Matt Forbeck is bloody brilliant.

Third, over at Famous Monsters of Filmland, Wesley Chu loves the book too.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. But by the next morning, after barely sleeping a wink, I can honestly say I am now a fan of both historical fiction and horror, as long as Matt Forbeck is the author.

Thanks to each of them for taking the time to read the book and for not being shy with their praise. That kind of support makes me grin.

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  1. You’re more than welcome 🙂
    Not sure where you got Jamie from? There’s a Jamie over at mithrilwisdom.com – who often comments on my site.
    Oh, and I’m a she! not that it has any bearing on anything….lol.

    1. Post

      Doh! Jamie was the first commenter, and I must have mistakenly read that as a byline on the review as I posted about it at blinding speed. (Well, I clearly blinded myself.) I’ve corrected my errors. Thanks for letting me know, and for the fantastic review!

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