12 for ’12 Starts — Really Soon!

I’d hoped to launch straight into the Brave New World novels trilogy that makes up the first quarter of my 12 for ’12 project straight away on January 1. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out quite that smoothly. Due to family illnesses and computer troubles, I lost a couple weeks worth of work time toward the end of the year, and I still have an obligation or two I have to fulfill before I can put my nose to that so-shiny grindstone.

The current plan is to wrap everything up by the end of the week. This should give me a full three weeks to finish the first book in the BNW trilogy. That sounds like a push, I know, but it’s about what I had planned, so I’m not too worried about it — yet.

I’m cooking along on my current project (worldbuilding for a yet-to-be announced thing) and just punched out a cool 5,000 words for it today. Meanwhile, I’m diving into the old Brave New World Roleplaying Game books to refresh my memory about all the things I wrote for it a decade or more ago. I’m happy to say there’s a lot of great material there, and it all jibes well with my plans so far.

So, wish me luck on this busy week so I can make the most of a busy month. Thanks!