We Did It!

Hey, hey! We did it! At sometime after 1 AM Central, T.S. Luikart pushed the first 12 for ’12 Kickstarter drive over the $12,000 mark, unlocking all of the rewards, including the “Goblintown Justice” short story and Book 3.

While T.S. may have broken the tape, it took the pledges of each and every one of our backers to get us to that point, and everyone of them has my deepest gratitude for the faith that they’ve shown in me. I cannot wait for January 1 to roll around so I can get started writing these books!

Just because we’ve hit that last stretch goal, though, doesn’t mean the drive’s over yet. It closes out at noon Central Time, today (December 4). If anyone wants to boost a pledge to grab an omnibus edition, you have until then. The same goes for anyone who’s been putting off a pledge until the last second. It’s fast approaching, but there’s still time. Use it as you wish.

I’ll post more tomorrow after the drive is over and I’ve had a few hours sleep, but just know that I’ll be smiling through all forty winks. I owe that all to you. Thanks!