Last Day!

As I write this, we have just 19 hours to go until the end of this first 12 for ’12 Kickstarter drive, and we have just over $800 to go to break the $12k mark and unlock Book 3. Woo-hoo!

Thanks to each and every one of your for your support, both with your pledges and with spreading the word. We couldn’t have done any of this without you. If you can give it one more push tonight and maybe tomorrow morning, I’d appreciate it. With any luck, that’ll knock us right over the top!

We had a couple more news bits about the project go up since last night. Over at, Glenn Hauman wrote about 12 for ’12 and encouraged readers to come by, and Don Corcoran — who’s been so inspired by all this that he’s alsogoing to try to write a novel a month — interviewed me about my writing process. Point your friend and neighbors in those directions if they need just a bit more convincing.

Me, I’m going to spend most of the next 19 hours sitting near a screen and hitting the refresh button on my browser as I watch how it all plays out. It’s mesmerizing.

I’ll let you know what happens.