12 for 12 (1.0) for $12k

The outpouring of support for this first 12 for ’12 drive has been both humbling and outstanding. We unlocked Book 2 last night, and we’re steaming straight ahead. I feel like I have the best family, friends, and fans around, and I want to do something big to thank you all for it.

This morning, we cracked the $9,000 mark, and we’re pushing hard for the finish, which happens this Sunday, December 4, at noon Central Time. Still, I had this crazy idea over lunch, and I talked with my wife to make sure I wasn’t just delirious about it from lack of sleep. Unless I hallucinated the whole conversation, she was all for it. Soooo…

I really want to write all three books, and I want you to be able to read all three books. While it’s possible that we can make it to $15k in the next 46 hours, I want to make hitting that final stretch goal as easy to accomplish as I possibly can. So I’m cutting $3,000 out of that goal for the final book. That’s right:

I’m slashing the stretch goal for Book 3 from $15,000 to $12k!

With less than two days to go, that might still be a lofty goal to aspire to, but it’s as low as I can conscionably go. I hope you’ll help give the drive the one last push it needs to get there so we can all reap in the rewards.

And yes, hitting $12k still unlocks the “Goblintown Justice” short story ebook too. It’s a double bonus goal. If we overshoot that, all the better, but now we have a more manageable goal line to charge toward.

Anyhow, please stay tuned and help me keep spreading the word. At Wired’s Geek Dad blog (for which I occasionally write), Michael Harrison wrote a fantastic post about the project this morning, and I should have at least two more bits going up later today. Point people you know toward them at will.

Thanks again to every one of you who have lent me your support. I’m in awe of you all and the trust you’ve placed in me.