Three Days Left!

Well, technically, tomorrow at noon we have exactly three full days left on my first Kickstarter drive for the 12 for ’12 project, but either way, we’re getting close. We have just about 88 hours from now until it comes to a close, and I’m dying to see how it all shakes out in the end.

Over the past couple days, we’ve gotten a surge of backers, just as I’d been told to expect. At the moment, we’re up to 157 backers and $7,116. We need just a little push to crack that $8k mark and unlock the second book. From there, it’s just a short leap to unlocking the color map at $10k and the Shotguns & Sorcery story at $12k. Lining up the $15k to unlock Book 3 might still be a stretch, but it only takes a few large backers to blow it all wide open.

For instance, I did have a convention inquire about grabbing one of the top rewards. They’re set up as travel to a private reading/signing, of course, but if any group wants me to come out for another event at my expense — along with a load of books — I’d be happy to do that instead. Just let me know.

If you have ideas for other bonuses I could offer, I’m open to suggestions about that too. I think we have a great package put together already, but if there are workable ways to sweeten the pot, I’m all for it.

In any case, I’ve often said that nothing motivates like a deadline, and that’s what’s coming up fast. Of course, the trick is to make sure that those who are planning to back the project don’t forget to do so before it closes on Sunday at noon Central Time.

To that end, I’ve been pounding the PR beat hard. Rick Novy interviewed me today on his blog for instance, Superpowered Fiction featured 12 for ’12 on their first Kickstarter post, and bestseller Lee Goldberg gave me a plug on his blog too. I have more coming up soon, but if you know of any journalists or bloggers looking for a fun story about 12 for ’12, don’t hesitate to send them my way.

I want to thank everyone who’s already backed the project for jumping on with me and to encourage those of you on the fence to act fast before it’s over. I’ll be releasing these books as ebooks later on this year after the backers get theirs, and I’m looking into doing print-on-demand paperbacks too. Chances are that this might be the only way to grab one of the hardcovers though.

Either way, it’s time to grab on tight and hold on to the end. It’s going to be a wild ride to the finish!