Magic #2 Card, #3 Cover

IDW recently released new images for the Magic: The Gathering comic I’m writing. First, here’s the exclusive card that will come with issue #2: “Faithless Looting.” It features the main cover art from the same issue — by the incredible Karl Kopinski — but one of the cool things about it is that the card’s rules haven’t appeared anywhere yet.

The cards that come with the comics are alternate art versions those that are already available for the game — or soon will be — so that we know they fit well with the game. While we want collectors to buy the comic and grab the card too, we don’t want players to feel like they have no choice but to pay for several copies of the comic just to get the card for their playing deck. The regular “Faithless Looting” card will appear in the Dark Ascension block of cards to be released in February, but the comic will be out at the end of January, a few days ahead of that.

IDW also released the cover image for issue #3. This one’s by Christopher Moeller, who provided one of the alternate covers for issue #1. I’ve been a fan of Christopher’s work for years, and it’s a real thrill to see his images grace the covers of my books. That’s our hero Dack Fayden there, facing off against a nasty vampire. Hope he survives it.