12 for ’12 Interviews

Today sees two excellent interviews with me about 12 for ’12 and writing in general. In the first, über-writer Chuck Wending gave me one of the most challenging and intriguing sets of questions I’ve ever faced outside of a police station. The conversation ranged from 12 for ’12 to Carpathia to advice about both writing and parenting, and it turns out that facing such an interrogation is far more fun.

In the second, Jeremy LC Jones — who’s likely interviewed me more than anyone else I can remember — drills me for more details about 12 for ’12. He leads with “Um, Matt, what are you thinking?” which sounds exactly like the kind of question my father would ask me after one of my more destructive high-school escapades. It ramps right up from there. If you’re interested in 12 for ’12, it’s a must-read.