Speed Writing

As part of my efforts to promote my 12 for ’12 project and its first Kickstarter drive (which is up to 191% and lurching toward unlocking Book 2!), I’m doing a bit of a blog tour. Today, I have guest posts that went up on two different websites, and in both cases, I wrote about writing fast.

Over at SFSignal, I wrote a piece called “The Speed of Write.” It’s about how you can write fast and still write well. That’s a concept many people have a hard time grokking, especially when they read about how one great writer or another spent years and years on one of their favorite books. They figure that if long development equals a good project, than the reverse must be true, meaning fast books are rotten.

Of course, that’s not true. Speed doesn’t have much to do with quality, especially when you’re talking about first drafts. Just check out how well the video game Duke Nukem Forever did despite having one of the longest development cycles ever.

To back this up, I wrote a post on Bill King’s site called “The Fastest Novel I Ever Wrote.” This finally puts into print a story I’ve told at many a convention over the years but never wrote down — until now — about how I once wrote a 91,000-word book in 15 days.

Besides being a fantastic and successful writer himself, Bill’s one of the best friends of my life, and he gave me a tremendously kind introduction over there. Sooo, just skip over that first part unless you enjoy knowing that forty-something fathers of five can still blush. But be sure to read the rest and let me know what you think.