12 for ’12 News Spreading

A lot of wonderful people have been out there telling folks about my 12 for ’12 project and the first Kickstarter drive for it, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I’d like to highlight a couple bits today.

First, Cindy Au — who works at Kickstarter — blogged about the project yesterday in her post, “So You Want to Write a Book?” In it she writes, “Part of why Kickstarter exists is because money cannot be the thing that stands in the way of creation. That is not a world we can afford to live in.” That’s an amazing sentiment and one that makes me even happier to be working through Kickstarter for this.

Second, Richard Bliss interviewed me for the third installment of his new podcast about gaming-related Kickstarter projects, Funding the Dream. I had a great time chatting with Richard, and I hope you will too if you listen in.

To cap all this off, the Kickstarter drive now stands at just shy of twice the initial goal of $3,000, and we still have over three weeks to go before the clock runs out. It got a great kick in the pants yesterday when my friend and fellow game designer Matt James pledged $1,000 and grabbed the first of the five available Alpha-level rewards. Huge thanks go out to Matt for showing such faith in the project. I can’t wait to work up his Alpha-level character with him.