Moving On Up

As of this morning, the Kickstarter drive for the BNW trilogy of novels for my 12 for ’12 project stands at over 140% of our original goal! Thanks to each and every one of you who backed the project to make that happen. I can’t tell you how thrilled this makes me.

That also puts us at well over halfway toward unlocking the second book. For those of you who’ve put in a pledge for an omnibus edition—whether ebook, paperback, or hardcover—that’s great news, as it means you’re that much closer to getting more books added to your collection for free!

If you only pledged for a single book, thanks to you too! I truly appreciate every backer. Keep in mind, though, that as we unlock books, those higher pledge levels become far more attractive. (Hint, hint. 😉 )

I’m busy lining up all sorts of interviews and other publicity for the drive, and I’m talking to some artists about some excellent extras we can add on to sweeten the pot. I hope to have more to share about that soon.

Meanwhile, please do what you can to help get the word out. If you’re a journalist, podcaster, or blogger, email me at [email protected], and let’s set up an interview or guest post. We’ve already got a tremendous amount of attention and momentum here, so let’s see how big we can make this snowball grow.