New 12 for ’12 Logo

My pal Jim Pinto of Postworld Games saw my post about 12 for ’12 the other day and got so excited about it that he went and made me a new logo for it. I think it’s pretty sharp, so I’m going to make good use of it. Thanks, Jim!

Jim also created the card art and graphics for Gorilla Games‘ current Kickstarter project, World Conquerors. Designer Jeff Siadek always puts a lot of heart and fun into his games, so I’d love to see this one get funded. They only have four days left, and they’re about halfway there.

I’m going to shoot the video for the first 12 for ’12 Kickstarter project soon. At the moment, I’m planning to break the whole thing up into four different projects to make it easier for people to get on board. Each project should feature either a linked trilogy or a collection of singleton books.

Of course, all of that’s subject to change as bigger and better ideas come along, but that’s part of the beauty of doing it this way. When a better notion comes along — whether from me or from one of you! — I can jump on it and make it part of the project right away.