More Magic Covers

Over the past week, IDW released two more covers for the Magic: The Gathering comic book series I’m writing for them. The first is by Christopher Moeller, whose artwork I’ve loved for years. It features our hero, Dack Fayden, running for his life.

This is, I believe, the third cover for the Magic: The Gathering #1. Like many publishers, IDW gives out copies of its comics with rare variant covers to retailers who buy lots of copies of the book. This one is the rarest of the lot, and like the regular versions it should be in stores and on e-readers in December.

Believe it or not, Martín Cóccolo’s interiors are just as fantastic as the covers. Martín’s a master of both perspective and anatomy, and he breathes real life into the characters he draws. It’s been wonderful watching him turn my script into an actual comic, and I cannot wait for you all to see the finished book when it comes out.

IDW also released the cover for Magic: The Gathering #2, which comes out one month later, in January 2012. This again features Dack, but this time he’s just burst through a window, which means he’s entering a scene rather than leaving.

Karl Kopinski created the art for this one. Karl’s done a lot of great work for Games Workshop (for which I’ve written many things) and for Osprey Publishing, which owns Angry Robot, the publisher of my original novels. You can see here just how talented he is. I recently turned in the second draft of the script for issue #2, and Karl’s image captures one of the early scenes in it perfectly.