Lots of Star Wars vs. Star Trek

I’ve been on the road for the past few weeks, wandering about the Northwoods of Michigan and Wisconsin, but I’m back now, trying to catch up and gear up for Gen Con at the same time. Since I last posted about it, I’ve done a lot of press for Star Wars vs. Star Trek, including the following bits.

First off, I was on the Sean Moncrieff show on Ireland’s Newstalk Radio, and I chatted with the pleasant and funny show’s namesake for about 10 minutes and had a grand time. You can find a recording of it on the show’s highlights podcast on iTunes.

I also was on This Week in Geek with the Birdman. We had a bit more time to spend, and the chat ranged over a broader spectrum of topics, but it highlighted Star Wars vs. Star Trek for sure

There’s also a great review of the book over by Tabz over at Quadruple Z. She loved the book, writing “kudos to Matt for not making it another academic discussion.”

At Cinema Sentries, Mary Kay enjoyed the book too. She writes: “For any lover of science fiction, fantasy, or just plain debate, this book is full of real life facts and lots of fun “what-ifs”.”

At J.K. Woodward‘s website, he got a kick out of the book: “I cannot reccommend this book enough!!”

Also, at the Daily Blam!, David Anderson gives the book high praise. “I found this book to be instructive, detailed, and most importantly, fun.”