My Gen Con Schedule

Gen Con is coming at us light a freight train charging through a hot summer night. It’s my favorite show of the year, and I’ve once again been named an Industry Insider Guest of Honor. I’m also taking part in the Writer’s Symposium, helping present the latest news on the InSpectres film on Friday evening, and sitting down for a signing on Saturday.

This will be my 30th Gen Con in a row, and my birthday falls on the show’s first day. My wife and kids will join me for at least part of the show. That gives me lots of reasons to celebrate, and I hope you’ll join me for as much of that as you can.

My Schedule

August 3

9 PM: The Diana Jones Award ceremony/party

August 4

12 PM: The No-Nos of Game Design

2 PM: Roleplaying Games Make Better Writers

3PM: Writing RPG Short Stories and Novels

5 PM: A Guide to Game Design

August 5

10 AM: Designing Transmedia Properties

3 PM: Swords and Sorcery

4 PM: Pick Our Brains: Matt Forbeck, Tobias Buckell, and Wes Nicholson

5:30 PM: ENnies Awards Cocktail Hour

7:30 PM: InSpectres: The Movie: Behind the Scenes

9 PM: Reactor 88 Studios Afterparty at the SubTerra Lounge

August 6

2 PM: Book Signing: Author’s Alley

5 PM: Freelancing: A Challenging & Exciting Career Path