Join Me at the ENnies Cocktail Hour

To help support the ENnies — the premiere tabletop roleplaying game awards — I’ve agreed to let them auction off the chance to have a drink or three with me before the ENnies Awards ceremony at Gen Con this year. This is Friday, August 5th, at 5:30pm in the 500 Ballroom. I have an event later in the evening, so I can’t stick around for the entire ceremony, but I’d be happy to chat with you right up until the moment I have to leave.

To help sweeten the pot, I’ll bring the winner copies of Amortals, Vegas Knights, and Star Wars vs. Star Trek, and I’ll sign/personalize them as requested. All proceeds go toward supporting the ENnies and their ongoing mission to recognize the best efforts and achievements in RPGs. The auction lists my condition as “new,” which is more generous than I’d be, but at least the books will be pristine.

So, place a bid, and hopefully I’ll see you at Gen Con!