Danforth on eBay

My son Marty is still posting more things on eBay. This week, he has a couple of gems from the collection of Liz Danforth. These include the rulebook from the Champions 2nd Edition boxed set and the extremely rare City of Carse from Midkemia Press, a generic fantasy sourcebook published in 1980. The current bid is 99¢, but these often go for more than $60 through online stores.

He has a number of other things from my collection up there too, including some stuff from Shatterzone and the Star Trek RPG. Check in for more later today too.

The kid’s working on saving up enough money for an iPad. Give him a hand. He’s almost there.

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  1. That City of Carse book is well worth owning. It served as the setting of the best, longest-lasting fantasy campaign I ever ran. Every time the PCs started to dawdle too long during an adventure, I’d casually insert a random encounter from the book, and it would get them moving along again. Many of those encounters became embroiled in the activity of the current adventure; some spawned new adventures of their own; and even those that contributed nothing directly still brought a sense of a living city, in which the PCs were merely players.

    Good times. Good times. Thanks for the reminder, and good luck to Marty!

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